Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Matt!!!!!

For Matt's, um, 29th birthday this year (interestingly, we seem to be aging backwards since moving to NC!!) - we didn't do too much, because we were leaving the next day for our Hilton Head trip!  (see upcoming post for those pictures).  I got him a small gift and we went out to eat at one of his favorite places.

What is it??!!??  Drumroll please...
It's a 2011 Cardinals World Series Champions Budweiser!!  Adding to the collection...

Matt was a little bummed that he couldn't just go out and buy one of these after the World Series last year, so I found one on Ebay for him!  Happy Birthday!! :)


  1. Nice! I've never heard of these. Does Matt have them for other World Series years? Where are they originally sold?

  2. 29!!! Then I just turned 27!! Ha!

    Poor Matt! It's hard to be a fan away from your team, but I thin it makes you a better fan because you have to work harder to follow your team!!

    Hope you had fun on your trip!