Sunday, July 24, 2011

2nd Anniversary Trip

We celebrated our second wedding anniversary at the end of May by taking a trip to Florida.  We stayed a few days with Matt's good friend from Kirksville, Spencer, and his wife Nikki, who now live in Sarasota.  We spent one day at nearby Siesta Key Beach, which had just been named the Best Beach in the US (as Spencer frequently reminded us!!)  :)  It was great, I could've stayed there all day.
Spencer and Nikki at the beach
Matt and Spencer keeping an eye on the grill

Enjoying some drinks on the patio

After leaving their house, we decided to take our time getting back home by stopping at 2 more beaches on the way - Clearwater and Jacksonville.  We had a great time people-watching and relaxing.  It was fun to see both the Gulf and the Atlantic sides of Florida, but we couldn't decide which we liked better.  The Gulf is very relaxing and calming, while the Atlantic has lots of big waves.
View of Clearwater Beach from our hotel balcony

View of Jacksonville Beach and boardwalk from our hotel balcony
Matt enjoying the waves

Happy anniversary!! Eating out at a restaurant along the boardwalk. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Up and Running!

Hello everyone!  I/We decided to attempt a blog(!)  We have been busy this summer with lots of fun trips, and, as usual, I have yet to download or print any of the pictures to show.  Soooo.....I thought that maybe a blog would be an easier way to let you know what we're up to, and force me to get pictures off the camera.  The plan is to blog when we have something or someplace fun that we've done, so it won't have to be a weekly thing that I never end up doing, but rather just a way to check in and show the fun stuff :)

Since this is getting started mid-summer, I am actually going to back up to our first summer trip for this post, and show a few pictures from May.  We went to North Myrtle Beach with our friends Jennifer and Myron in mid-May, and it ended up being the perfect time to go.  Before Memorial Day, so it wasn't super busy yet, but still hot so it was a good weekend for laying on the beach! 

playing paddleball
Matt and Myron goofing around

Jennifer and I getting ready for beach reading