Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thanksgiving at the beach

Thanksgiving at the beach....what could be better??? Not much, I think!  :)  Matt and I decided to stay home for Thanksgiving this year (actually last year, since I am so slow getting this post up!).  We wanted to save money on plane tickets but figured we would just be on our own for the holiday.  Then, some of Matt's family decided to take a beach trip so we tagged along.  Had a GREAT time!!  We went to Edisto Beach (close to Charleston, SC).  Matt's Aunt Janet and Uncle Steve drove up from Florida and stayed with his parents.  We rented a house with his sister-in-law Leann, her husband Cole, and Matt's nieces Megan and Molly.
Ron, Steve, and Matt relaxing after the big meal

  A rousing card game, involving a lot of cheating! It was going too fast for me to get the rules, so I just stood back and took some pictures.

Leann and Cole
Molly & Megan

The whole family (looking right into the sun!)

Roy was loving all the extra attention he got from Megan
 On Friday, we took a drive to a nearby vodka distillery - the Firefly Distillery.  Lots of fun, and great weather!  Matt and I learned (after we got back home and talked to some local people) that it is a well-known local vodka here.

Carolyn was really thirsty!!

Happy Thanksgiving!