Sunday, May 20, 2012

Savannah Surprise

This year for my birthday, Matt told me he had a surprise and to take the Friday and Monday around that weekend off work.  The big surprise was...a weekend in Savannah!  We have been there once before, and loved it.  A very pretty place to visit, with a lot of things to do.  And they are especially well-known for their big St Patrick's day festivities, which involves one of the biggest parades in the U.S., if you can believe it!  I think this actually refers to the amount of people that attend the parade (this year, it was estimated at 1 million, I think?) and the amount of floats,etc in the parade. 

We arrived on Friday night, and Matt had gotten us a great rental right downtown, and very close to the parade route.
This was our rental.  We stayed on the main floor, right side.

View down the street from our rental

Saturday morning we got up early, dressed in our St. Pat's t-shirts and beads (courtesy of Matt's mom) and armed ourselves with some mimosas.  We found a spot on the parade route at about 9am (it was scheduled to start at 10am).  There were tons of people already there.  The parade ended up lasting until about 3pm!!!  We started getting tired a little before that, so left early and went back to rest up for nightly fun!

We noticed this sign while walking around, and were impressed that St Patrick's Day is so big, it requires year-round committee headquarters!
More pictures of Savannah...they have many different "Squares" in the middle of city blocks that all seem to be named after city founders or Civil War heroes.  Savannah also has many fountains, and for the holiday, the water in all fountains was dyed green!
Water turning a little blue the day after...


  1. Razzle dazzle!! Great photos. That is a crazy long parade! I'm impressed that Matt is so good with surprises.

  2. That is the longest parade I've ever heard of! We stopped going to the Quincy St. Pat's day parade because it was over 2 hours long! You guys are committed!!

    Savannah is on my list of places I want to go eventually! I'm glad you guys had such a great time!